The Ultimate Guide to Juicing For Beginners


Let’s face it, we all eat like crap time from time (or maybe all the time). Changing our eating habits is tough and even tougher with fast food at every corner and nearly every TV commercial and billboard tempting you for doughnuts or fried chicken. Plus, most of us grew up in households where being healthy was eating a salad loaded with thick, creamy Ranch dressing and that’s it. If you’ve tried every crazy diet and strenuous workout schedule and see slow results to your health, maybe it’s time to try something new!


Juicing is literally blending fresh juice from fruits, veggies, and superfoods using a juicer. It is an easy yet powerful way to restore your health, kick-start your taste buds for a healthier lifestyle, recieve daily vitamins, clear your skin, shed weight, detox the body, cleanse the mind, reverse illnesses and diseases, relieve migraines, relieve cold and flu, adjust your mood, and even rid the body of cancers. Yes, it’s that powerful! There are tons of tasty and vitamin packed combos to target different desires and health concerns. Some people juice once a day, only as needed, or create a complete lifestyle from it.


Unlike smoothies (which are also amazing!), juicing extracts the vitamins from the foods into a liquid form (juice) and discards the fiber/pulp. This allows your health to be transformed on a cellular level, feeding your cells the nutrients needed to rebuild, replenish, and sustain every part of the body. Fiber is GOOD but it requires work from your body to break it down and the true benefit of juicing is it gives your organs a chance to rest and restore themselves! This allows all the toxins and gunk to move through and out of your body. Though this is best compatible with a balanced diet, anyone can begin juicing today!


With creating your juice, you want to have a balance of greens, fruit, and superfoods. Start with a base: water, almond milk, green tea, or coconut water. I usually use water or almond milk depending on what I have a taste for! Next, choose your green: spinach, kale, collards,  or swiss chard. I usually use spinach or kale. Spinach blends well so you won’t even taste it. Kale can be a bit grainy but still powerful, just blend well. 🙂 Then, the fun part! Throw in your favorite fruits and veggies: apples, bananas, carrots, celery, strawberries, broccoli, berries (raspberries, black, cran, and blue), mangos, pineapples, peaches, cucumbers, pears, beets, plums, lemons, limes, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Just make sure to chop it up first! And finally, add superfoods! Superfoods include: ginger, avocado, chia seeds, flax seeds, maca powder, turmeric, acai, hemp, wheat germ, and plenty more. If this all sounds crazy, don’t worry I’ll be sharing LOTS of recipes and knowledge! And of course you will need a juicer. With so many juicers to choose from, it can feel a bit overwhelming to find the right one. I’ve tried quite a few and my favorite by far is the Nutribullet  – It’s easy, clean, convenient, and small for travel! And an even greater investment is the Vitamix 5300 which I also love!


If this is all new to you, this probably sounds disgusting. “Yuck! Mix what with WHAT? I don’t even know what the hell that is!!” Well, the truth is you will have to train your taste buds. If fried foods and sugary snacks make up most of your diet, then juicing veggies and fruits may shake you, at first. BUT, a lot of these foods actually have a mild taste and is over-powered by the natural sweetness from the fruits. Even some veggies like carrots have a super sweet extract! I will say one food with a strong taste is ginger (use very lightly until you find an amount suitable for you). And, you can add a sweetener! No not sugar or the fake sugar, but add ons like raw honey or agave nectar. I love both! With or without the sweeteners, these foods blend together pretty well for a yummy drink. Just try different combos to get started and adjust along the way and remember you are doing this for you!  For beginners, I would suggest going for water+spinach+2 fruits. Ripe bananas are great too. 🙂

Photo Courtesy of The Natural Way of Healing


So glad you asked. Haha – While renewing the mind is the backbone for a changed life, physical wellness can not be dismissed! The foods we eat have a real effect on the quality of our bodies and brains, and you simply cannot change your life in totality without improving your physical well-being. When you transform your mind, you will want to transform your body. How can you lead an amazing life and be sick!? Tired. Bogged down. Sluggish. Achy. In and out of the hospital. Moody. Sore. In pain. It’s not gonna work. When we are mentally and physically healthy, we can accomplish everything we set out to and are meant to. I’ve been juicing for years now and I can attest to how powerful juicing has been for me. Clearing my foggy thoughts, giving me energy, better rest, clear skin, and feeling absolutely amazing. And you want to know the kicker? My diet isn’t always amazing! Even when I flip-flop on what I eat, as long as I am consistent to juice, I still experience the benefits! Now, the goal isn’t to eat crappy meals and “cover up” with a kale and apple drink. But you can start right where you are! Even in the midst of crappy eating you can begin to feel the positive changes and this in itself makes me want to do even better. Juice once a day, 3x a week, whatever works for you and helps you make the change. It’s time! I’m on this journey too so as I discover and create new juices I will share them right here on TLY so subscribe so you can be healthy inside and out! Together we can make small consistent changes!

– Ronda

2 Replies to “The Ultimate Guide to Juicing For Beginners”

  1. I never really got into juicing but I think that is mainly because I didn’t know where to start. I wasn’t sure what I needed to do it “the right way”, which makes this lovely post all the more interesting and helpful for me. I’m a sucker for green tea so you literally already convinced me when you wrote that that’s an acceptable base. Definitely going to consider investing in a Nutribullet.

    Great piece. I’d really like to feature your article on our platform, I think a bunch of our readers will be interested in reading more about this. Would you by any chance be interested in becoming a Creator? Hope to hear from you.

    Liked by 1 person

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