I HATE timing. I want it now!


Have you ever felt this way? Like you’ve been waiting forever for that “thing” to manifest. You’re anxious, antsy, doubtful, and everything in between wondering when is your time!  When will your prayers become reality. When can you scratch that goal off as complete. It seems everyone else is rolling in their desires and you are tired of waiting. Maybe for you, it’s a husband. A wife. A relationship. That breakthrough healing. The big break in your career. A baby. Another baby. The harvest of faith and effort. Or, just simply some change. Whatever it is, it all feels the same…

God, when is my time?

If this is you, please allow me to encourage you that your time is still coming. God has not forgotten about you. The universe is still pulling things together for you! This is not the time to quit. This is not the time to allow negative emotions to consume you. Say no to the pity party and listen to that small still voice of direction. This is the time to push. Persevere. Believe the affirmation. Trust the process. Time to trust the preparation. See, timing is all about preparing and developing you and what you are praying for in to completion. So when it DOES happen (because it will), it will be in good and perfect harmony. Lacking no good thing. So that your harvest can be a blessing instead of another lesson. Think back at other times when you weren’t ready. When you just didn’t know what you know now. Don’t you wish you would have taken your time and just waited?

So, what should you do in the mean time? Well giving up sure isn’t the answer. Instead, get ready to receive your harvest! Keep praying, pushing, goal setting, meditating, and visualizing, and then release it knowing it’s coming. Create a new vision board that pulls forth the energy that you already have it. Revisit and reassess your goals. Stay strong in faith and consistency. I always remind myself, “No one became great by giving up”, and the same is true for you so don’t give up. Keep putting forth effort. Stop comparing your lows to others highs. You have your own journey uniquely and perfectly designed for you! Also, stop obsessing over it! Learn to let go. When you worry, you tell the Universe “I don’t trust you.” But letting go says, “I trust you and I know it will happen.” The moment you let go, may be the moment it all works out. And ask yourself, be honest: Am I really doing all I can or am I sprinkling inconsistent effort here and there hoping it will be enough? Am I firm in my direction or am I bouncing from one idea to the next? Gain clarity by being truthful and spending time with yourself. The answer will come.

If you are praying for marriage, cut off the guys/girls that ain’t marriage material! Read books on self-love and on how to have a healthy relationship. Learn and heal from past relationships. If you are praying for healing, feed your body healthy foods and limit the crappy foods! Confess health over your immune system and every cell. Find exercise that works for you. Maybe running the track isn’t your thing, but have you tried kick-boxing? Dance? Pilates? If you are praying for that big successful break in your business, keep studying your craft and invest in your work! Surround yourself with like-minded people. Attend events that you can network and grow from. Also, celebrate the accomplishments you’ve made so far. Express gratitude for what you do have! Because to tell you the truth, if you are waiting for that “thing” to make you happy, as soon as it happens, you will find something else to dread timing over. Instead, embrace all the wonderful aspects of being single. Give thanks for the health that you do have. Be grateful for the baby-free time to be out and about. Take your eyes off this one area of your life and give gratitude for your life as a whole. So relax and take it one day at time. This is a mindset we must renew. Discard the belief that timing is awful and all about not getting what you want. Instead, affirm this:

Timing is on my side helping and developing me to where I want to be! I trust the process; I trust the preparation!


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