5 Things To Remember During Tough Times

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It happens to everyone – tough times. You feel frustrated, worried, drained, and lost. Maybe it’s mentally, financially, emotionally, or all of the above. No matter how they come, it feels the same for everyone – “I just want out.” In this post, I’ll share 5 reminders that will help shift your energy from the problem to the solution.

This is temporary.

When you are in the midst of a struggle, it seems to last forever! But don’t let this temporary circumstance fool you. If you treat the problem like it’s temporary, it will be temporary. If you treat the problem like it’s permanent, you’ll prolong the suffering. Know that this is going to pass and you’ll find yourself back on your feet. Remember the last time you had some bumps in the road? Did it last forever or did everything work out just fine as it always does?

Break the problem down.

Sometimes, when it rains it pours. If you have several sticky situations on your hands, you may think solving them all at once would make things move a lot quicker. But the truth is, you’ll be divided in action and even more frustrated. Instead, tackle one problem at a time. Focus on the solution, break it down into small goals, and you will progress a lot quicker and easier. And hey, solving one problem may indirectly solve another.


Is there another party involved in your mishap? A roommate? Bill service? A friend? If your issue affects someone else, communicate. One, they may be able to help you and/or will completely understand your circumstances! Two, when everyone is on the same page, it takes a load of stress and pressure off of you. Be clear and honest about what you can or can’t do. Don’t be ashamed. Everyone has been through something.


You should intend to spend time in the Silent Place everyday to cultivate your mind, but if you weren’t, now is the time. This is your source.  This is where you will find the strength, perspective, and guidance to move through your troubles. All the answers are already within you. Also give thanks for what is going well in your life. You don’t own all the troubles in the world and I’m sure you have plenty to be grateful for. Even during your troubles.

Raise your vibration.

Keeping your vibrations high during this time may be tough. But it doesn’t have to be! Find ways that help you stay optimistic, grateful, and hopeful. When you vibrate at the same frequency as your desires and needs, they come to you more freely and easily. So how to vibrate higher? Visualization. Dance! Laughter. Playing with animals or kids. Exercise. Healthy foods. Spend time with friends and family. Tough times already bring unwanted emotions, so don’t allow yourself to stay there.The idea is do things that makes you feel good.

Bonus: Learn from this! If you are experiencing the same ol’ troubles since 04′ then it’s time you change your habits! Lessons repeat as needed. And until you understand what it is you need to learn, you’ll be back around this mountain. And no one wants that. So when you spend time in prayer and meditation, ask for help releasing this pattern and seeing where you need to grow.


Hardships happen, hey it’s life. But remembering these tips will keep you in a positive space and before you know it, the issue will be resolved. And remember you are not alone! We all experience the same things in different ways, so reach out to a friend or pick up a book for advice. Good is on the other side, just get to the other side. You can get through this!


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