5 Major Ways To Detox Your Spirit

Do you ever feel down, cluttered, low, distracted, overwhelmed, drained, or mentally frustrated? Or maybe all of the above. At times, you just feel heavy and can’t really explain why. Well, detoxing your spirit may be exactly what you need. Detoxing your spirit is all about shifting your energy – removing and replacing anything that doesn’t serve you in the best ways. In this post, I’ll share 5 major ways to shift your energy and detox your spirit.

Have A Daily Spiritual Practice

Self Reflection

The most valuable way to shift your energy and rid your spirit of negativity is to have a daily spiritual practice. Everyday, set alone time to connect with yourself – your thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs. The best time is first thing in the morning because it sets the tone for the rest of the day.  There are many ways to reconnect with yourself so it all depends on what works for you. It may yoga, journaling, deep breathing, a walk around the park, mediating on affirmations, venting and praying with a cup of tea, or all of the above. The point is to make time to regroup, renew your mind, gain clarity, and find a place of balance and peace. With this, you are sure to shift your energy and pull your spirits up.

Consider The Company You Keep

Black Girl Friends

Sometimes, our spirit is cluttered because of the people we allow in our space. We all have different levels of friendship with others, and your inner most circle should be a breathe of fresh air. A space where you are accepted for who you truly are and respected for what you truly need. If you do have people in your life that you feel uneasy around, reconsider how close you hope to be to those people or if you want them in your life at all. Of course handle it with love, but handle it you must. The company you keep should never drain your spirit. In fact, the company you keep should be the very ones to help you back to calm.

Take A Break From Social Media


Lets face it, social media is hard to get away from. It’s everywhere! And because it’s everywhere, its easy to see how taking a break is necessary. Scroll through any app and within seconds and your mind is stimulated in SO many directions. Every topic, opinion, suggestion, and idea is thrown at you. Your mind can go from fear of divorce to how to bake chocolate chip cookies to how to fix your credit score…all in 2 seconds! No wonder your spirit may feel down, because it’s cluttered. Take a break from social media. You don’t have to announce it (unless you have to), just simply log out and delete the apps for a few days. Or, don’t hop on social media until 8pm everyday or only from 1pm – 4pm. Whatever allows you to step back, clear your thoughts, and put the focus back on the life you have right in front of you.

Forgive Everyone For Everything


Unforgiveness is certainly a reason for a heavy spirit. Carrying pain, resentment, and anger in your heart clouds your emotions and hinders you deeply. I wrote a previous post on how to forgive your parents which can be used in any circumstance. Remember this about forgiveness, holding on to hurt only attracts more hurt to hold on to. Forgive by understanding that people make decisions based on who they are, not based on who you are and that to forgive is a choice before it is a feeling. A choice you may have to remind yourself over and over again.

Enjoy Your Life

Have fun

Have fun!! Do whatever it is that lifts your spirit and makes you feel good. Love music? To dance? Laying in a hammock and reading a good book? Do that! Good feelings create more good feelings. Make time every single day to laugh and feel good about being you. Also, do nice things for yourself. Treat yourself to your favorite restaurant, a massage, a comedy show, or something as simple as a good hoop session with your friends or a new book. Taking care of yourself may be all that you need to reenergize your spirit.

Give Thanks


Detoxing your spirit can be as simple as taking a moment to be grateful. Saying thank you to the Universe for all that you have, all that is going well, and all that is to come. We tend to get lost in our own worlds, believing our lives are just so difficult, when there are worst circumstances to be in. Yes, your situation is valid, but it could also be much much MUCH worst. Gratitude creates such a loving energy that it attracts more reasons for you to be grateful. Detox your spirit by realizing your troubles are temporary and you will get through it.

It’s okay to realize your spirit is distracted, just shift your focus on the ways you can get back on track and feel good about life again!


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