Breaking Free From The Blame Story

Breaking free

A lot of us are running with a story (beliefs that we repeatedly tell ourselves) of blame towards our mother, father, and guardians. We think, “If my mother would have loved me the way she should have, or if my father was there like he was supposed to be, I wouldn’t be going through what I’m go through. My life would be better. I would be a better person if they had raised me right…” and while there can absolutely be truth to that, we must stop letting this excuse be the explanation for the quality of our present adult life.

Don’t get me wrong, parents/guardians should raise their child(ren) through Divinities love, and when a parent neglects this responsibility, the child suffers. I understand the resentment, the rage, and the brokenhearted-ness towards your parents when this happens – that during your most vulnerable years (childhood), you needed them and they let you down.

But, your life does not have to stay broken. You can change your internal dialogue from, ‘I’ll always be this way because of what happen to me” to “I learn from what has happen to me to better myself and my life”. From, “They should have done better” to “I accept that they did the best they could with what they knew”. One story empowers you and the other cripples you. Then, you wonder why life doesn’t seem to be working out. It’s because you hold on to negative beliefs like a crutch! Blame is keeping you stuck! Wake up! Make the change. Be the one in your family that says ‘it ends with me’. To transition from generational curses to generational blessings. And now that we are adults, we have the power to make this change. We have the power to change our story.

Forgive them, forgive yourself, and shift your energy to becoming the example the little you need.


Light and Love,


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