Cut Them OFF!!!

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This generation prides themselves at how fast they can cut someone off. It seems, with no hesitation, we’ll jump at the opportunity to let someone or something go. We cut off people, jobs, family, shoo we’ll cut the dog off if he keep acting up. And we may very well have our reasons to create distance. But when it comes time to cut off our own destructiveness, we make excuses and teeter the fence. We cut someone off for lying but won’t cut off our own dishonesty. Let go of someone with a bad attitude but walk around with our own funk. The same behaviors we cut people loose for, are some the same behaviors we need to cut loose within ourselves. It’s time to cut them off!! Cut off fear. Cut off jealous. Cut off laziness. Cut off gossip. Cut off the “you owe me” attitude. Cut off unforgiveness. Cut of self hate and judgement. Cut off critical harsh words. Cut off unhealthy and destructive generational patterns!  

Start directing that no nonsense attitude towards your own challenges.

Acknowledge the areas in which in wish to grow in – you know what you need to work on in your personal life. Set your goals, your intentions, and cut off anything that hinders you from achieving them. You want to be fit and healthy, then cut off the donut. You want to be abundant and have money pour into your life, cut off careless spending. You want a prosperous business or career, cut off excuses and procrastination. You want to truly love yourself flaws and all, then cut the negative self talk.

Get good at letting go of those habits and beliefs that do not serve you. Then, you’ll start attracting people, jobs, friendships, and circumstances that you won’t need to cut off at every turn. Having a healthier relationships with yourself will attract a healthier relationship with life.

So, what do you need to cut off? 


Love and Light,


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