Journal Prompt: A letter to the little you

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This journal prompt is intended to help you identify hidden beliefs from your childhood that are unresolved and resurfacing in your present adult life. With this awareness you will gain clarity on the next step to take in your healing journey. We can’t go back in time and change painful, confusing and/or challenging experiences, but we can close that chapter with acceptance, forgiveness, honesty, patience and a willingness to move forward.

Write a letter to the little you. You can address a specific event/moment, memory, age or you can keep it general. Go the extra mile and pull out a photo or two and speak directly the child in the photo, you.

Option 1: Write a “Dear (Your Name)” letter to the little you as a loving mentor or parent hoping to guide a young child, and you are the child.  What would you say? What kind of advice or support would you give the little you?

Option 2: Write bullet point notes to the little you. It could be a list of positive traits you saw in yourself as a child or points of encouragement.


Observe the thoughts and feelings you experience during this exercise. Notice the messages you wanted to hear as a child, and how hearing those messages as an adult can also build you up. Did anything come up that you identify as unresolved? What messages did the little you need? As I always state, if you feel uncomfortable doing this exercise alone or your memories are too difficult to process alone, then don’t. Depending on the severity of your trauma, you should seek a professional counselor, certified life coach (I do offer guidance calls!) or even a close trusted friend.

Love and Light,


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