About Me

shot-1Ronda Monroe, founder of The Little You, is a healing coach, writer, and speaker for those struggling to overcome unhealthy generational patterns, beliefs, and behaviors, and the deep wounds attached to those experiences. At the young age of 13, Ronda decided to begin the inward transformation of healing and redirecting her own destructive family patterns. From there, being guided by The Most High, she did the work to heal herself from depression, insecurities, pain, and all hindering beliefs. Always having the desire to counsel, she used her natural ability to deeply connect to others vulnerabilities along with understanding the struggle for young adults to overcome childhood trauma and past pains, to then create The Little You – becoming the example the little you needed. She then graduated in 2014 from Georgia State University with a Bachelor’s in Sociology/Family and Social Dynamics. Today, Ronda teaches academic and social emotional development in children as a Pre-K educator in Atlanta, GA and serves as a healing coach.