Guidance Calls


Are you aware of how your childhood and adolescent wounds have impacted you, and you’re struggling to overcome them? Are you well on your healing journey but need encouragement and support? Or, do you desire to begin your healing journey but unsure of where to start? Do you just need help on figuring out your best next step?

Then Guidance Calls are perfect for you! This is a one time 1 hour one-on-one session available Saturday’s and Sunday’s with Coach Ro, followed by a 30 minute session one week after your hour session. Your session will be designed specifically for your needs!

Guidance Calls are intended to provide certified coaching skills, tools of support, encouragement, and thought provoking hands-on activities to help you gain clarity on your personal healing journey. In addition, you will also receive (1) follow-up email and a FREE copy of, “What Every Adult Needed To Hear As A Child” affirmations e-book to help you beyond your session!

That’s two sessions, a follow-up and a free affirmation e-book!

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*Please note that this is not a counseling or therapy call. The intention of this call is a professional coach to client standard as it pertains to the mission of The Little You.

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