Transforming Childhood Pain Into Adulthood Triumph!

Become The Example The Little You Needed!



What is The Little You?

The Little You is a platform to help young adults and adults overcome the wounds of challenging and/or dysfunctional childhood and adolescent experiences, and their effects. If you:

  • Grew up having a difficult, distant, toxic or absent relationship with your parent(s), family members and/or loved ones
  • Struggle with limiting, destructive, toxic generational beliefs and habits
  • Recognize unhealthy generational patterns within your family and you are repeating them as an adult
  • Have unresolved emotions from childhood that affect your current adult life
  • Have low self-esteem, a lack of confidence stemming from childhood and adolscent years
  • Experience difficulty maintaining healthy relationships/friendships due to childhood attachment injuries
  • Consider yourself having mommy/daddy “issues”
  • Are ready to break unhealthy generational cycles
  • Are ready to become the example the little you needed

Then you are in the right place.

The mission of TLY is to bring awareness to bring awareness to how toxic/unhealthy childhood and adolescent experiences affects adulthood, inspire healthy generational cycles and to provide support for emotional healing, rebuilding a positive self-identity, developing healthy relationships, and living in spiritual principals (forgiveness, peace, love, etc.)


*Because childhood experiences can range in its severity TLY may not be suitable for those in need of licensed therapy. The Little You is not a PTSD or trauma recovery based service and cannot diagnose or treat mental illnesses or disorders.