Transforming Childhood Pain Into Adulthood Triumph!

Become The Example The Little You Needed!



What is The Little You?

The Little You is a coaching service for young adults and adults who struggle to overcome the wounds of challenging and/or dysfunctional childhood and adolescent experiences, and their effects. If you:

  • Grew up having a difficult, distant, toxic or absent relationship with your parent(s), family members and/or loved ones
  • Struggle with limiting, destructive, toxic generational beliefs and habits
  • Recognize unhealthy generational patterns within your family and you are repeating them as an adult
  • Have unresolved emotions from childhood that affect your current adult life
  • Have low self-esteem, a lack of confidence stemming from childhood and adolscent years
  • Experience difficulty maintaining healthy relationships/friendships due to childhood attachment injuries
  • Consider yourself having mommy/daddy “issues”
  • Are ready to break unhealthy generational cycles
  • Are ready to become the example the little you needed

Then you are in the right place. We provide private 1:1 coaching sessions and programs, workshops, resources such as blogs, newsletters and videos and more.

*Because childhood experiences can range in its severity TLY may not be suitable for those in need of licensed therapy. The Little You is not a PTSD or trauma recovery based service and cannot diagnose or treat mental illnesses or disorders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  • Bring awareness to how toxic/unhealthy childhood and adolescent experiences affects adulthood
  • Provide solution-focused coaching
  • Provide guidance and insight to how your upbringing has impacted your beliefs and habits
  • Inspire healthy generational cycles (beliefs, habits, and behaviors) and to break generational dysfunction
  • Provide support for emotional healing and regulation, rebuilding a positive self-identity, developing healthy relationships, and living in spiritual principals (forgiveness, peace, love, etc.)
  • Assist you on finding the voice of your inner child